18in Durable CPAP Tubing
18in Durable CPAP Tubing

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This 18-inch CPAP hose tube is ideal for connecting with the hose tubing that comes with your CPAP device or for linking to an external humidifier. If you intend to use this CPAP tubing with an external humidifier such as the Fisher & Paykel HC150JHU, it is designed to go between your CPAP or BiPAP machine and the humidifier water chamber. The longer tubing (6-foot or 8-foot tubing) connects to the other hole in the humidifier water chamber and your CPAP mask. Your CPAP mask can be a nasal pillow mask, full face mask, or a nasal mask. This 18-inch CPAP tubing is compatible with all standard CPAP and BiPAP devices on the market.

The recommended time to replace CPAP tubing is every 3 to 6 months. This is because condensation travels throughout the tube. The tubing has corrugation which prevents the inside of the tubing to be completely dry, especially if the CPAP mask is used on a daily basis.

Product Features

This is reliable 18 inch CPAP tubing for all modern CPAP and BiPAP systems. It also includes the cuffs.