AirSense™ 10 AutoSet™ for Her w/HumidAir™
AirSense 10 AutoSet for Her
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This is the ResMed AirSense™ 10 AutoSet™ for Her. This unit is not only styled for the comfort of a woman, but also designed to provide the best treatment for the way sleep apnea impacts a woman. Women tend to fall asleep more slowly and awaken more often. This is the first device to hit the market that is specifically designed around providing treatment for these traits.
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This ResMed AirSense™ 10 AutoSet™ for Her is intended as a high-end CPAP treatment option for women. It is designed to deliver just the amount of continuous positive airway pressure required for you to breathe freely at night. It is not only styled to be aesthetically appealing to a woman, but also to deliver the best treatment experience for a woman. It comes in a small, solid design that looks great and doesn't weigh much. Inside it packs a bunch of technological features that make it one of the most effective treatment options a woman can get. Some of the included technologies include a simple visual control system and the ability to adjust some settings on its own in response to your treatment.

Product Features

Woman-Specific Treatment Algorithm
The ResMed AirSense™ 10 AutoSet™ for Her is programmed to treat obstructive sleep apnea the way it affects women. This is done with a special program that normally adjusts itself to events such as three consecutive limited air intake breaths, but in this model there is an additional option that allows it to make the adjustment after just one limited air intake breath.

HumidAir™ Heated Humidifier
The ResMed AirSense™ 10 AutoSet™ for Her has a built-in heated humidification system so that everything fits together in a convenient package. This built-in HumidAir™ heated humidification system offer eight levels of humidification. You also have the option of turning off the humidification system. If you add the ClimateLineAir™ tubing made for use with this unit you get additional climate control options that extend out to your mask, ensuring you get air that feels just right delivered to your mask.

SmartStart Technology
The SmartStart technology included in the ResMed AirSense™ 10 AutoSet™ for Her makes it much easier to start using the system. When you put your CPAP mask on, this technology starts the machine. When you take your CPAP mask off, this technology stops the machine.

Auto Brightness LCD Indicator
The ResMed AirSense™ 10 AutoSet™ for Her displays information and menus on a clear, color LCD display. It adjusts its colors as an easy-to-see indicator of therapeutic operation. As the airway pressure is increased, the green circle fills in. You get a green face when things are operating as they should. You get a red face when something is wrong, such as the mask being ajar. A sensor is used to detect how much lighting there is in the room so that the LCD is easy to read in a bright room and dims down so that it isn't too bright in a dark room. Eventually the LCD shuts itself off to give you a dark room as you settle into successful therapy.

Expiratory Pressure Relief System
One of the greatest difficulties of receiving CPAP treatments is having to push air out in order to exhale. This exhausting process leads many women to give up on CPAP. The expiratory pressure relief system in the ResMed AirSense™ 10 AutoSet™ for Her steps down the air pressure according by a certain amount in order to make it easier to exhale.

Treatment Records
The ResMed AirSense™ 10 AutoSet™ for Her records your therapy sessions so you can see how well your treatments are working for you. In the sleep report menu on the LCD you can choose to see info about your usage, including events per hours, average usage, leak rate, and AHI.

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