Aura® Nasal Mask
Aura® Nasal Mask
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The Aura Nasal Mask premieres the combination of the Active Headgear Connector and Custom Fit Technology. The Flexible Spacebar gives you the comfortable feel on your forehead that will make the fit feel right. The Aura Nasal Mask comes in 3 sizes to help ensure this comfortable fit.

Product Features

The Advanced Cushion Technology featuring AIRgel is a lightweight cushion that protects your skin from the normal pressure caused by a sealed mask. These AIRgel masks manage to hold close to your face gently. They're so light that you may even forget you have a mask on your face. You should get a good night of rest each time you use your mask.

The Active Headgear Connector allows you to move around without losing your air seal.

The Custom Fit Technology allows the mask to mold itself to the contours of your face for easy fitting and total comfort.

The Flexible Spacebar bends easily to provide a stable grip that doesn't press on your face.

The elbow rotates 360 degrees to keep your tubing arranged as you move around.

The quick-release headgear feature means that you can quickly get it off at any time.