EasyFit Full-Face Mask
EasyFit Full-Face Mask
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The EasyFit Full-Face Mask is built around the insights gained from computational modeling of thousands and thousands of faces around the world. As a result, the commonalities between all facial shapes have been molded into the design of this mask so that it will mold itself more naturally to your face than traditional face masks. You won’t need to make a lot of adjustments to make it fit your face properly. Additionally, the best materials are used in making this mask so that you’ll get a great air seal each time you wear it, while barely noticing it up against your skin.

Product Features

- Designed to be easily put together and worn
- Comes in small through extra large for any size face
- You can replace the forehead pad and cushions with silicone and gel as desired
- The headgear can be easily fit to a variety of head shapes and works with all EasyFit CPAP masks
- Featuring wide forehead cushions that are adjustable to many head shapes
- Multiple patient useable
- Made free of latex