EasyFit SilkGel Nasal Mask
EasyFit SilkGel Nasal Mask

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The EasyFit SilkGel Nasal Mask is an advance in technology on the already effective and simple to use EasyFit Nasal Mask. This new advance features an extremely soft SilkGel cushion layer. The name derives from the silk-like feel many describe after wearing the mask. The headgear has likewise received advancements to make it fit better with less effort.

Product Features

- The SilkGel cushions are easily replaced
- Headgear fitted with color-matching Velcro fasteners so you know how to strap it at a glance
- Hose anchor strap available for the headgear for extra support
- Three sizes available
- Extra wide forehead cushions matched with adjustable forehead support
- Special flange to prevent the mask from blowing air at your eyes
- Extra quiet air exhaust system
- Easy to adjust for more than one patient
- Contains no latex