Innova® Full Face Vented Mask
Innova® Full Face Vented Mask
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The Innova Full Face Vented Mask is designed to fit you perfectly for the best possible range of motion and comfort. This will make the whole treatment experience more enjoyable, from the start of the night throughout your sleep. When you move around at night, the Active Headgear Connector will move with you. The AIRgel Advanced Cushion Technology manages to make the mask fit your contours gently, without adding much weight to the mask.

Product Features

AIRgel cushioning ensures that you get a comfortable, contoured fit that keeps your skin healthy while providing you with the air pressure you need to breath correctly through the night.

The Active Headgear Connector will move with you whenever you move around during the night.

The AIRgel is a part of the special Advanced Cushion Technology that gives you the right fit in a light, effective mask.

The Flexible Spacebar proves stable bendability while not pushing on your skin.

The headgear can be quickly and easily removed.

The headgear is made to breathe and doesn't weigh much, providing you with an unobtrusive fit.

The tubing elbow provides 360-degree rotation for ease of movement.

There is an extra port for extra oxygen.