Innova® Nasal Masks
Innova® Nasal Masks
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Innova® Nasal Masks allow you to move around easily while maintaining the quality air seal necessary for a quality nightly treatment. This seal maintenance throughout movement is maintained by the Active Headgear Connector. Meanwhile, the AIRgel used in the Advanced Cushion Technology helps to maintain a perfect, comfortable fit across your face.

Product Features

AIRgel cushioning allows the mask to hold to your face without putting undue pressure against your skin. It is the chief feature of the Advanced Cushion Technology that allows a light mask to feel soft against the skin during treatment. This helps avoid some of the skin irritation associated with other masks on the market.

The Active Headgear Connector is what allows you to move around freely during treatment without the loss of your air seal.

The breathable headgear feature provides you with a comfortable night of stable therapy.

The quick-release headgear feature makes it easy to get your Innova mask on and off with a single hand. You simply pull it off gently while moving your hand upward.

The Touchless Spacebar is what allows you to keep a comfortable seal with the mask without it putting pressure on the skin on your forehead.