Philips Respironics M-Series Humidifier Chamber
Respironics M-Series Humidifier Water Chamber

This is what you'll need to replace the Respironics M Series humidifier water chamber.

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Manufacturer: Philips Respironics
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This is what you'll need to replace the Respironics M Series humidifier water chamber.

Product Features

With the M-Series Humidifier Chamber, you won't have to worry about bacteria getting in the air that is delivered by your CPAP device. This is because heated humidification produces water vapor molecules are that are simply too small (.0001 Micro™ns) to carry bacteria with them through the hose leading up to the patient's mask. Should there be a small amount of germs in the chamber, patients are not at risk. It's important to mention that humidifier chambers actually provide the ideal condition for Micro™-organisms to colonize. This is the reason it is crucial for patients to regularly clean their humidifier chambers. It does not matter what brand of CPAP device you are using. If it has a water chamber, you should make it a habit to wash the chamber on a regular basis. It's best to use distilled water with your water chamber instead of tap water. This is because tap water typically has a lot of impurities; it can have any number of minerals. If you fill your water chamber with tap water, there will be residue in the chamber when the water heats up and evaporates. Mineral residues could cause discoloration of your humidifier chamber's aluminum platter and plastic, and could actually weaken the life of the chamber. Distilled or pure water, on the other hand, will not leave mineral residues so it actually helps prolong the life of the chamber.