MiniMe® 2 Pediatric Nasal Mask
MiniMe® 2 Pediatric Nasal Mask
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The MiniMe 2 Pediatric Nasal Mask is the best CPAP mask you can buy for a child of 2-12 years of age. It can be purchased in two sizes for the best possible fit. Beyond that, it also includes the Custom Fit Technology that allows masks to contour themselves to any child's face. The Advanced Cushion Technology ensures that this is a most comfortable fit with a sure seal. All of this works together to create an effective mask that places no undue pressure on a child's face.

Product Features

The AIRgel cushion system hugs your face gently to ensure you get a comfortable fit that provides the seal necessary to maintain an effective CPAP treatment through the night. This means you get the balance of function and comfort necessary for a young child.

Custom Fit Technology
You don't have to fight to get your child's face into this mask, as the Custom Fit Technology assures that it will mold itself around your child's face. Putting on this mask is a simple process.

Advanced Cushion Technology
The AIRgel cushion is a unique system of providing soft performance. It doesn't add much to the weight of the cushion, so you'll probably forget it is even there.

Vented or Non-Vented
You can choose whether you want to have a mask that has a vent. These options are available to provide an optimal experience whether you need a mask at home or in an acute care facility.

Two Sizes
You have two size options. This ensures that any 2- to 12-year-old child will get a comfortable, effective fit.

Breathable Headgear
The headgear that comes with this mask is both light and sturdy, providing enough comfort you'll forget about it.

FDA Approved for 2-to12-Year-Olds
This mask was created as a child-specific option. Children shouldn't be forced to wear a mask designed to fit an adult face. With the MiniMe 2 Pediatric Nasal Mask, your child will be treated with a product that is specifically created to meet the needs of children with small faces and sensitive skin.

American Quality
This mask was engineered and assembled in New Hampshire.