Mojo® Full Face Mask
Mojo® Full Face Mask
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The Mojo Full Face Mask is designed to provide you with all of the therapeutic functionality you desire without sacrificing your comfort. With its special Sleepnet comfort and fit technology, you get the soft cushion of AIRgel and a self-molding face mask that makes use of Custom Fit Technology. The belief behind the development of the Mojo Full Face Mask is that your mask should shape itself to fit your face, not your face to fit your mask.

Product Features

There is nothing in facial masks quite like AIRgel cushion comfort. It hugs your skin without putting any pressure on your skin. You will rest easy when you wear a mask with an AIRgel cushion.

The Custom Fit Technology allows the face mask to fit your face gently, rather than forcing your face to fit the face mask. Think of it as a simple self-molding fit technology.

While most people prefer vented masks, we recognize that this is not true of everyone. For that reason this mask is made available in both a vented and unvented style.

The headgear is made of a soft, breathable material that will allow you to rest easily with a perfect fit throughout the night.

This product is engineered and put together in New Hampshire, USA, so you can be sure it is built for quality.