Fisher & Paykel Oracle HC452 Oral CPAP Mask
Fisher & Paykel Oracle HC452 Oral CPAP Mask
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The Fisher & Paykel Oracle HC452 oral CPAP mask is designed to be the ideal treatment solution for those who, because of nasal blockages of various types, tend to breathe through their mouths. This mask is very simple to use. It stays out of your eyes' way so that you don't feel restricted or enclosed. You can move around in your sleep and it will move with you. It comes pre-assembled for easy of use right from the start.
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The Fisher & Paykel Oracle HC452 oral CPAP mask is ideal for anyone who tends to breathe through the mouth at night. Many such individuals cannot reliably breathe through their nose because of obstructions. So this mask gives you the airway treatment pressure you need to breathe effectively through your mouth. Wearing it isn't a big deal because it is a low-profile mask and headgear.

Product Features

- Simplicity: The simplicity of the Fisher & Paykel Oracle HC452 oral CPAP mask design makes it an easy to use device that stays out of your way. You can even wear your glasses to read a book while you receive your treatment. It easily maintains its air seal, though it makes little actual contact with your face.
- SoftSeal Mouthpiece: With the SoftSeal mouthpiece floating around in your mouth, no pesky, skin-irritating pressure points around your mouth are required in order to maintain the proper air seal. It ships with two different mouthpiece sizes so that you can choose the one that floats the most comfortably in your mouth.
- Single-Strap Headgear: The mask is so well designed than some people find they can use it effectively without any headgear at all. However, there is a single-strap headgear included in the package for those who prefer the extra stability it brings.
- Easy Adjustment: There is a simple rotating adjustment mechanism to make it easy to get the right fit. The tubing can be easily adjusted in any direction due to its 360 degree rotational mechanism.
- Nasal Plugs: The Fisher & Paykel Oracle HC452 oral CPAP mask ships with nasal plugs just in case there are times when your nose becomes unobstructed during the night. These plugs can be helpful in ensuring that you continue breathing through your mouth at the proper airway pressure treatment levels throughout the night.