RESmart Auto CPAP Machine with RESlex and Heated Humidifier
RESmart Auto CPAP Machine with RESlex and Heated Humidifier

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The RESmart Auto CPAP Machine with RESlex with Heated Humidifier auto adjusts itself to provide you with just the right treatment level of air pressure as you get the best possible night of sleep. It makes use of the latest technologies to ensure this. For example, the RESlex system provides exhalation relief so that you do not have to push your air out against high pressure incoming air. Feedback information is provided for you each morning on your screen and can also be provided by remote iCode. The air is both humidified and heated for the most comfortable treatment experience possible.

Product Features

RESlex relieves pressure
Auto-Adjusting pressure and sensitivities configuration
iCode treatment information
iPhone and Android apps to work with your system
One Year Memory System
Automatically turns on and off
Automatically adjusts for altitude
Power off signal
Leak signal
Inline heated humidification
Carrying handle

Product number:

Product Sizes:

Machine Dimensions 8.7"L x 7.6"W x 4.4"D

Machine and Humidifier Dimensions 12.3"L x 7.6"W x 4.4"D

Machine Weight 3 lbs 8.44 oz (1.6 kg)

Machine & Humidifier Weight 5 lbs 4.66 iz (2.4 kg)