ResMed AirFit™ F10 Full Face Mask with Headgear
ResMed AirFit F10 Full Face Mask with Headgear
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Through the AirFit™ F10 full face CPAP mask, ResMed has once again come out with a compact size CPAP mask that provides patients the kind of comfort and reliability they have come to trust. When you wear the AirFit™ F10, you can be assured of an unobstructed view. What's more, this full face mask is ResMed's quietest compact mask to date. When it comes to seal and comfort, studies indicate that patients prever the AirFit™ F10 over the current leading compact full face mask.
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The AirFit™ F10 is a full face CPAP mask whose design is simple. Despite its simple design, however, this compact CPAP mask is known to provide reliability and comfort. It is one of the easiest CPAP devices to use. The mask's frame is lightweight and provides minimal facial contact. It also provides you with an unobstructed view while wearing the mask. With its Spring Air cushion, the mask creates a soft but secure seal around your nose and mouth. The AirFit™ F10's headgear comes with SoftEdge technology. Its straps have rolled edges, allowing the frame to provide the needed support without the need to over-tighten the straps or creating unnecessary pressure on the face.

Product Features

The AirFit™ F10 full face CPAP mask is constructed from durable and lightweight materials. As a result, it is one of the lightest full face masks on the market, and users are a lot less likely to experience air leaks.
Its sleek frame and small cushion enables the the mask to have minimal contact on the user's face. Moreover, it offers stability without the need for forehead support, and it doesn't obstruct the user's view. The frame arms on the AirFit™ F10 mask are curved and have a soft, clear silicone construction. They either rest gently on the cheeks or hover right above the cheeks. The optional comfort accessory for this full face CPAP mask comes with soft fabric sleeves for the frame arms.
The cushion on the AirFit™ F10 has Spring Air technology. Its surface has a light texture instead of sleek or smooth so it has a more natural feel to it against the skin, as well as provides a better seal. Because the cushion has a dual-wall design, it inflates when the CPAP machine is on to create a soft air pocket between the mast and the user's face.
The AirFit™ F10 mask comes with a SoftEdge Headgear. The headgear straps are slim and constructed from fabric. As a result, the headgear minimizes both discomfort and facial markings. It is recommended that patients wear the headgear loosely so that the cushion in the mask can inflate properly and adapt to their facial contours. During the night as they sleep wearing the AirFit™ F10, patients can freely change their sleep position without experiencing any pinching or discomfort.
The one-piece elbow on the AirFit™ F10 has quick-release squeeze tabs, which make it easy for users to detach even with just one hand. The elbow also has an independent tube swivel and this helps reduce tubing drag. The presence of small vents around the elbow allows the CPAP mask to operate quietly, as air is directed gently from the user and the person sleeping beside him or her.
Thanks to its user-friendly design, the AirFit™ F10 is incredibly easy to fit as it is to maintain. This compact and lightweight full face mask is made up of just 4 parts: cushion, elbow, frame, and headgear. With this simple setup, you won't ever need to worry about misplacing, losing, or even breaking small components like clips. The frame has headgear loops that allow for the headgear to be removed and reattached without needing to constantly adjust the fit.

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