Sunset Classic Full Face CPAP Mask
Sunset Classic Full Face CPAP Mask
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With its unobtrusive contours and sturdy, light silicone, the Sunset Classic Full Face CPAP Mask provides a comfortable way to receive CPAP treatments. Once properly fitted, it forms a good seal and never has to be re-fitted, featuring clips for quick removal. The 360-degree elbow makes it easy to move around while you wear it. The ventilation system gently removes exhaled air without blowing it straight back at you. The open design makes it possible to see all around you, making you feel more comfortable and relaxed while you wear it. It also weighs far less than most masks.

Product Features

Weighs far less than most masks
Open design so you can see all around yourself
Ventilation system gently, quietly removes exhaled air
Silicone construction provides a light, sturdy mask without hindering seal quality
One-time fitting and clips for quick, easy removal
360-degree elbow allows you to move all around while you wear it.