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Respironics Premium Chinstrap
Philips Respironics Premium Chinstrap
Our Price: $22.95
Sale Price: $17.21

This Respironics Premium Chinstrap is made of sturdy, machine washable materials. It has several places where you can adjust its fit, making it possible to get just the most comfortable fit possible.
ResMed CPAP Mask Chin Restraint
ResMed CPAP Mask Chin Restraint
Our Price: $18.00

When you're asleep the chin restraint helps you to keep your mouth closed, a necessary effect if you're to get the full benefit of a pillow mask or nasal mask during the night. This is particularly important for those who tend to be night time mouth breathers.
Respironics Deluxe Chin Strap For CPAP Masks
Philips Respironics Deluxe Chin Strap For CPAP Masks
Our Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $29.99

The Deluxe Chin Strap is a great tool to help patients breath through their CPAP masks while also helping to preventing dry mouth. The more the patient is able to breath through the nose, the less dry mouth discomfort the patient suffers. As a result, the CPAP treatment is much more effective and the patient is much more compliant.