iQ® Blue Nasal Mask
iQ® Blue Nasal Mask
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The iQ Blue Nasal Mask makes use of the latest AIRgel Advanced Cushion Technology and Custom Fit Technology in order to provide an always comfortable CPAP mask with an effective seal. In other words, the iQ Blue Nasal Mask fits the shape of your face in the most gentle manner possible. This means you get the effective treatment as prescribed by your doctor without having to deal with unnecessary discomfort.

Product Features

AIRgel is a unique cushioning system that hugs your face gently. This helps provide such a gentle treatment experience that you may occasionally forget you have your mask on. But when the CPAP system is turned on, you'll rest well with a well-sealed air pressure structure.

Custom Fit Technology
You won't have to squeeze your face into this mask, as it will simply stretch around your face and shape itself to your contours.

Advanced Cushion Technology
The latest AIRgel provides a clean fit that protects the skin from any kind of damage. At the same time, the iQ Blue Nasal Mask doesn't weigh much.

Field of Vision
You can see all around you when you wear this mask. This makes it a lot easier to continue with life as usual when you begin treatment. It attaches over the forehead in order to give you a secure fit while maintaining your ability to engage in your regular activities such as watching TV or reading as you prepare to sleep.

No Forehead Pad
There is no forehead pad to add to the footprint of this mask. The simple design makes it much easier to use.

Vented or Unvented
Whether you need to use this mask at home or in a specialized treatment facility, you can purchase either the vented or unvented model.

Headgear Quick Release
The iQ Blue Nasal Mask headgear can be popped right off the mask with a simple upward movement of a single hand.

One Size
The iQ Blue Nasal Mask features a one-size configuration to remove fitting difficulties and confusion. It is built for quality so that you don't have to waste a lot of time replacing parts.